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Cell Phone Repair

We Service Samsung - Apple - HTC - Motorola - Most any Brand. We can replace Broken Lcd and touch screens. Water damage. Some Data Recovery. Problems with Operating System Issues.

Laptop & Desktop Repair

We do full system repairs from replacing motherboards, to upgrading your Ram, and anything in between. We can also upgrade any software you may need in the future.

Custom computers

Why buy a brand name computer? They have a nice box. At Don's PC Shop you get the computer you want with out all the pre-installed bloated software. We build pc's for home or business applications, and for you gamers we know what you want. Tired of your pc holding you back? You deserve to have the best hardware available so the parts we get for repairs usually carry a 3 year warranty. Why send your computer away for more that a month with a brand name system?

Ipod, Ipad, Iphone Repair

Is your apple product damaged or did you get it wet? Don't throw it away it still can be saved in most cases. Please do not try to open it. It's best to bring it in in it's origanal condition. If you get your product wet, right away turn it off and take the battery out. Then contact us right away for best results.

Playstation 3 & Xbox 360 Repair

Is your console system not working or blinking a red light? Why throw it away and buy a new one when it can be repaired for a fraction of the cost it would be to buy a new system.

Networking Services

We can get you anything you need for your home & business needs. Need a router, switch or modem installed and configured? Is your business in need of a server to share a database? We can provide any and all networking needs.

Remote connection & Training

Remote connection is a great service for problems or errors that most times don't require your system to be brought in to a repair shop. We also offer training at a affordable price to show you anything you want to learn about your computer's basic services.

New Customers!

We are offering 5% off the cost of labor for all new customers! Just like us and share of facebook. We strive to make the Experience of your Technoligy issue as painless as possible.

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